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Mobile Resource Management

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What Can BlueOtter Do For My Company?
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Best of BlueOtter

Why BlueOtter?

Mobile Driven

The prevalence of mobile devices throughout society has created the opportunity for large enterprises to shift their operational strategies. By developing a mobile strategy that revolves around a company's needs, our clients have been able to empower their employees through technology. This directly reduces redundant reporting processes and increases the hours available to perform more specialized assignments.    

Smart Data

Data typically has to be manually entered into a software database unconnected to the assets themselves. Our data is collected straight from the assets and/or operation performed in real time. This 'Point of Work' data collection strategy creates clean, normalized information leading to increased understanding of our client's resources. 

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User Friendly

We understand that work should be taken seriously. With that being said, we also believe that work should be enjoyable. By creating a simple, yet intuitive user interface, we change repetitive tasks into something more easily executed and agreeable.

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